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To raise capital to support working families and individuals through a short-term housing scholarship

WFS Housing Assistance Scholarship

The WORKFORCESTRONG (WFS) Rental Assistance Housing Scholarship is a need based scholarship program that focuses on supporting working families and individuals that are both working and going back to school.

Application for this program will begin in 2020.

Please register to receive information for application submission.


WFS Financial Literacy Program & Partners

In the last year of the program, the Scholarship Recipient will be required to take courses in the following areas: credit repair, financial management & literacy and home buying. The completion of an educational degree and/or skills/professional development program including a mandatory financial literacy course will constitute a graduation from the WORKFORCESTRONG program.

WFS School Connect

WFS will be providing a link to partnering extension schools and trade colleges. These schools support non-traditional education that support working families. Please stay tuned.

Where Can I Apply

Secured applications coming soon

Please register and follow us for updates regarding the Housing Scholarship Program.

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